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Model Rockets Sacramento

Model Rockets Sacramento

Houston, we have a problem - or should we say, Sacramento, we have a solution? If you're a model rocket enthusiast in the Sacramento area or are simply curious about the exciting world of model rockets, you're in luck! Austin Rockets has put together the ultimate guide to model rockets in Sacramento, including where to find supplies, clubs to join, and launch sites to explore. Get ready for liftoff, because this rocket journey is about to begin!

Model Rocket Stores in Sacramento

Finding somewhere to buy your model rocket supplies is crucial for any enthusiast. Luckily, Sacramento has a couple of excellent stores where you can find everything you need to start or maintain your model rocket hobby.

Hobbies Unlimited

Located at 4507 Auburn Blvd, Hobbies Unlimited is your one-stop-shop for all things model rockets. They stock a wide variety of rockets, engines, and accessories, as well as other hobby supplies. The knowledgeable staff is ready to help with any questions you may have.

RC Country Hobbies

Another great store in Sacramento is RC Country Hobbies at 6011 Folsom Blvd. This store specializes in all types of remote control models and, of course, model rockets. They offer a great selection of rockets and supplies, and their staff is experienced in the hobby, ensuring their advice and recommendations are spot on.

Sacramento Area Model Rocket Clubs

Joining a club is a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals, learn from experienced enthusiasts, and participate in group launches. Sacramento is home to a couple of clubs that welcome new members.

Sacramento Area Rocketry Group (SARG)

SARG is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of model rocketry in the Sacramento area. They hold regular launches at a few local sites and also host special events. Explore their website ( for more information, launch schedules, and membership details.

Delta Clipper Experimental Space Club

Another club in the area is the Delta Clipper Experimental Space Club (DCES), which encourages the education and pursuit of space exploration through model rocketry. Visit their website ( for more information on meetings, launches, and club activities.

Model Rocket Launch Sites in Sacramento

Finding the perfect launch site is essential for the success of your model rocketry experience. In Sacramento, there are a couple of spots that enthusiasts recommend for safe and exciting launches.

Gibson Ranch Regional Park

Gibson Ranch Regional Park (8556 Gibson Ranch Park Rd.) offers wide-open spaces, perfect for launching your model rockets. The park requires a small entrance fee, but it's a small price to pay for the brilliant launch location you'll find here.

Elverta, CA

Located just north of Sacramento, Elverta offers another ideal location for model rocket enthusiasts. This open farmland area provides plenty of space for launching rockets and recovering them with ease. Elverta is where the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group holds many of their launches.

Model Rockets Sacramento Example:

Sample Launch Day in Sacramento

Imagine this: you wake up early, excitedly pack your model rockets, a launch pad, and engines into your car, then head out to the Elverta location specified by SARG for a launch event. You meet up with fellow enthusiasts, sharing advice, experiences, and all things rocket-related. The anticipation builds as everyone prepares their model rockets for launch.

The countdown begins. 5…4…3…2…1… Liftoff! Your model rocket soars skyward, reaching incredible heights before the parachute deploys gracefully, and your rocket floats gently back down towards the ground. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among your rocketry friends is unparalleled, and that's what the Sacramento model rocket experience is all about.

So there you have it, rocket enthusiasts: Sacramento is the perfect place to let your model rocket dreams take flight. With great stores, supportive clubs, and fantastic launch locations, the sky's the limit for your model rocket adventures. Share this article with fellow enthusiasts and spread the word about the thriving model rocket scene in Sacramento. And, of course, don't forget to explore the other amazing guides and resources available on Austin Rockets. Happy launching!


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