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Places To Launch Model Rockets Colorado Springs

Places To Launch Model Rockets Colorado Springs

Are you a model rocket enthusiast in Colorado Springs? Wondering where you can launch your meticulously designed and constructed model rockets? Search no more - we've done the research for you. In this guide, you'll discover some safe and exciting places to launch model rockets in Colorado Springs!

Places To Launch Model Rockets Colorado Springs Table of Contents

2. South Ford Dry Lake Bed

3. Private Property

1. The Pikes Peak Division of Parks & Recreation

The Pikes Peak Division of Parks & Recreation is a great place to start your model rocket launching exploration, as they allow – and encourage – model rocketry enthusiasts to partake in this exciting pastime at their designated sites. Check out their official website for more information on rules and regulations, and to obtain a permit for your model rocket launch.

Prospect Lake Model Rocket Launch Area

Located within Memorial Park, the Prospect Lake Model Rocket Launch Area provides an excellent space for rocket enthusiasts to set up their launch pads. The launch area is open to the general public, but you will need a valid permit from the Colorado Springs Parks & Recreation Department before launching model rockets. Keep in mind that motor types A-D are allowed without restrictions, while more powerful motors require special permission.

2. South Ford Dry Lake Bed

Approximately an hour's drive from Colorado Springs sits the South Ford Dry Lake Bed. This wide-open expanse provides a fantastic location for launching model rockets without fear of damaging trees, power lines, or other obstacles. Be aware, however, that this site is located on federal land. You will need to follow all BLM rules and regulations when launching here to ensure you're operating within the law.

Tips for launching at South Ford Dry Lake Bed:

  • Bring all necessary supplies and tools, as there are no amenities on-site.
  • Practice Leave No Trace principles; pack out all trash and spent rocket motors.
  • Stay alert for other users on the lake bed, such as off-road enthusiasts and remote control airplane fliers.

3. Private Property

If you're fortunate enough to have access to private land with ample open space, this could be the perfect location for launching your model rockets. Before you proceed, make sure to request permission from the landowner and adhere to any rules or guidelines they establish. Remember to exercise caution when launching in privately-owned areas, especially if there are nearby structures, livestock, or people who could be at risk.

Launching on private property tips:

  • Always obtain permission from the landowner.
  • Follow the National Association of Rocketry's Model Rocket Safety Code to minimize risk.
  • Invite the landowner to view your rocket launch; sharing this hobby with others is a great way to find new launching locations.

Places To Launch Model Rockets Colorado Springs Example:

Joe, an avid model rocket enthusiast, receives permission from his friend Sara to launch his rockets on her sprawling property. Joe follows the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code, ensuring he's using the proper launch pad and launch rod. He sets up his rocket and igniter, measures a safe distance from the launch pad, and shares his calculated countdown with Sara. Upon a successful launch, the pair watches in awe as Joe's model rocket pierces the sky. After retrieving the rocket from a nearby field, the two discuss their excitement and plan future launches together.

Now you know where to launch your model rockets in Colorado Springs. Plan your next rocket excursion at one or all of these suggested locations, and enjoy the exhilaration and wonder that comes with each successful rocket launch. We hope you found this guide helpful, and remember to explore the other comprehensive guides available on Austin Rockets – we're here to make your model rocket adventures out of this world! Don't hesitate to share this valuable information with fellow rocket enthusiasts and make some great memories in the process.


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