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North Korean Model Rockets

North Korean Model Rockets

Discover the intriguing world of North Korean model rockets in this captivating exploration of a lesser-known aspect of the hobby. Learn about the history, unique features, and some real-world examples that inspired these fascinating replicas.

History of North Korean Model Rockets

North Korea has been developing its own missile program since the 1960s, always capturing the world's attention with its displays of military prowess. While their real-world launches are a matter of global concern due to political tensions, North Korean model rockets offer hobbyists an opportunity to study and recreate these intriguing designs for peaceful, educational purposes.

Unique Features and Characteristics

Many of the features of North Korean rockets are based on Soviet and Chinese designs, but with their own distinct touches. Some of the unique characteristics that set these model rockets apart include:

  • Sleek and streamlined designs: North Korean rockets often have a streamlined appearance, which not only gives them an aesthetically appealing look but also grants them superior aerodynamics.
  • Unusual paint schemes and markings: The paint schemes of North Korean rockets differ from their Western, Russian, and Chinese counterparts, sporting unique insignias, logos, and patterns that are both eye-catching and educational for historical purposes.
  • Unconventional propulsion systems: North Korean rockets have been known to utilize alternative forms of rocket propulsion, adding an extra level of fascination for model rocket enthusiasts.

Due to the secretive nature of the North Korean missile program, there isn't much information available about their entire arsenal. However, some noteworthy models have garnered attention. Let's explore these captivating designs.


The Taepodong-2 is a multistage long-range ballistic missile that first made headlines in 2006. Although the initial test launch was deemed unsuccessful, it quickly gained attention and piqued the interest of model rocket enthusiasts.


The Hwasong-14, also known as the KN-14, is an intercontinental ballistic missile first tested in 2017. Its successful flight demonstrated North Korea's advancements in missile technology. Model hobbyists interested in replicating this significant missile can explore kits or scratch-build their own versions.


The Hwasong-15 is an upgraded version of the Hwasong-14, boasting an increased range and payload capacity. This improvement over its predecessor makes the Hwasong-15 an appealing choice for those captivated by North Korean rocketry.

North Korean Model Rockets Example:

Creating a detailed and accurate North Korean model rocket can be both a fascinating learning experience and an impressive addition to your collection. For instance, building a Hwasong-15 model rocket would involve researching the missile's dimensions, markings, and overall appearance. The final product, whether it's a static display or a functional replica, will grant you a deeper appreciation for the engineering and design that goes into these elusive rockets.

Diving into the world of North Korean model rockets unveils a unique aspect of the hobby that opens the door to new challenges, designs, and learning experiences. We hope this guide has sparked your interest and encourages you to continue exploring the various facets of model rocketry. Share this article with fellow enthusiasts, and stay tuned for more engaging content from Austin Rockets!


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