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Launching Strong Model Rockets With Go Pro

Launching Strong Model Rockets With Go Pro

Ready to take your model rocket experience to new heights? Ever wonder what the world looks like from the perspective of your high-flying rocket? There's no better way to capture the thrill than by strapping a GoPro camera onto your model rocket and witnessing the breathtaking view from above. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps required to launch a powerful model rocket with a GoPro on board, so you can bring back stunning footage from the edge of space.

Choose the Right Model Rocket and GoPro Mount

Before you can capture stunning footage from the sky, you need to pick out the perfect model rocket and a GoPro mount that's suitable for your camera. When you're looking at model rockets, consider factors such as the rocket's size, the motor class, and the overall construction. We recommend picking a model rocket with a payload section to easily accommodate your GoPro.

Model Rocket Size and Motor Class

It's essential to choose a model rocket with a larger size and a powerful motor to ensure that your GoPro can be safely carried and that the rocket can reach an impressive altitude. Rockets with a G motor or higher are ideal for these purposes, as they can reach an altitude between 1,000 to 3,000 feet.

GoPro Mount Options

Selecting the right mount for your GoPro is crucial for obtaining quality footage while your rocket is in flight. There are a few different mounting options designed explicitly for model rockets:

  • 3D Printed Mounts: These are custom-made mounts that you can print yourself or buy ready-made. They attach directly to the model rocket's body tube and provide excellent stability for your camera.
  • Tube Mounts: Made to fit a variety of rocket sizes, these versatile mounts fit snugly around the body tube and allow for easy camera placement.
  • Rail Mounts: Designed to attach to the rocket's launch rail, these mounts offer additional mounting stability away from the rocket body. However, rail mounts might not work with all launch pad systems.

Secure the GoPro and Balance the Rocket

Once you have selected your model rocket and mount, the next step is to securely attach the GoPro to the rocket. Make sure to position the camera in such a way that it won't interfere with the rocket's deployment system or be damaged during flight. After mounting the camera, it's essential to check the rocket's balance. Use a rocketry balance stand or a simple homemade stand to find the center of gravity. Adjust the weight distribution if needed to prevent the rocket from wobbling or spinning during flight.

Launching Your Model Rocket with GoPro

Now that your rocket is prepped, it's time for the moment of truth – launching your model rocket with the GoPro attached. Follow all standard model rocket launching procedures, including checking the weather conditions, setting up a clear and safe launch pad, and alerting others of your planned launch.

Once all safety measures are in place, ignite the model rocket engine and watch your creation soar into the air. As your rocket ascends, the GoPro will capture breathtaking footage from its unique vantage point.

Launching Strong Model Rockets With Go Pro Example:

In a real-life example, an Austin Rockets model rocket enthusiast equipped a sturdy 29mm-size model rocket with an F-class motor, capable of reaching altitudes of 1,000+ feet. Using a 3D printed mount, the GoPro was securely attached to the side of the rocket's payload section, providing an unobstructed view of the surroundings during flight.

Before launching, the rocketeer carefully balanced the rocket and followed all necessary safety measures. With the touch of a button, the rocket ascended into the sky, and the GoPro captured thrilling footage from the soaring journey. Upon recovering the rocket, the enthusiast had a stunning video showcasing the thrilling experience from a bird's-eye view.

Ready to capture your rocket's breathtaking journey? Equipping your model rocket with a GoPro is an incredible way to experience the thrill and excitement of rocketry from a new perspective. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to launch a powerful model rocket with a GoPro, and you'll be rewarded with captivating footage that truly takes your hobby to new heights. Don't forget to share your incredible videos with fellow Austin Rockets enthusiasts and explore our other guides to continue perfecting your model rocketry skills. Happy launching!


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